A Dental Office for the Entire Family: M. Rainer in Zurich-Höngg.
Dental Care for Young and Old.

Every single tooth has a story – which it tells. It is part of our philosophy to get to know this story and to use our abilities and technology toward making it the story of a lifetime.

Our modern treatment concept emphasizes tooth preservation and preventive care in order to give you healthy teeth for a lifetime, greater quality of life and a carefree sense of well-being.

As our client, you are the focus of our traditional range of services. Of course, there are nicer things in life than a dental appointment. Still, our entire team will try enthusiastically to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible when you visit our office. We will make time for you and listen to your requests, requirements and concerns. Our standards of service and technology as well as the materials used in our office are always of the highest, state-of-the-art quality.

Our common goal is your optimal dental and oral health.

Part of the best possible care is communication. Sharing all relevant information with you in an extensive consultation, especially when details are complex, is a standard procedure for us.

For directions on how to find us, click here. We look forward to welcoming you.

  • History

    There is a long tradition of dental care at Ackersteinstrasse 153 in Zurich-Höngg. The office has been in service for over 70 years and has helped many clients maintain their oral health over the decades.

    Office equipment as well as the office rooms themselves have continuously been modernized over the years, always keeping them up to date with state-of-the-art technology. In August 2013, Dr. med. dent. Theo Raetheli passed the office on to Dr. med. dent. Madeleine Rainer.

    This is now the third generation of dentists at this office. We are happy to welcome back our regular clients and look forward to welcoming new clients – always with a smile. Our office in district 10 can easily be reached from Engstringen, Schlieren, Affoltern and Oerlikon.

  • Financial Information

    Since the 1st of January 2018 the revised tariff from the swiss dental company is valid. Our relative cost index for private patients stands by 1.08. In case of accidents and in any other case where the insurance would be taking care of the invoice, our relative cost index stands by 1.0.

    If treatment is necessary, there are usually several different options available that also differ in price. We will advise you in depth regarding all aspects and alternatives, explain all the differences, and try to find the best-suited solution for you together. Cost transparency is very important to us.

Technology / Quality Standards

Gentle Treatment Using State-of-the-Art Methods:
Our Technology


    Apart from state-of-the-art medical and technical equipment for diagnosis and therapy, using the gentlest possible treatment is also a mark of excellence.

    In our office in Zurich-Höngg, we use digital X-Ray machines exclusively. In comparison to conventional analog X-Ray machines, this method reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation by up to 90%. Even the smallest possible detail can be diagnosed using low levels of electromagnetic radiation due to high image quality and the latest in sensor technology and image manipulation software.

    Another advantage of digital X-Rays for our clients is that images are available immediately.

    Results can be seen and analyzed on screen right away. Data can also be shared more conveniently with colleagues for interdisciplinary analysis. On top of that, digital X-Rays are also environmentally friendly because they do not require chemicals to develop film.


    Intraoral Cameras – Seeing what the Dentist Sees

    Intraoral cameras are extremely useful for diagnosis and consultation, providing detailed images from inside the mouth that serve as a basis for further treatment decisions. These small mouth cameras take sharp, highly magnified images even in areas that are hard to see.

    In doing so, they enable diagnosis of the slightest fissures, caries lesions, insufficient fillings, gum diseases and changes in the soft tissue.

    This detailed level of visual information gives you the chance to see things for yourself as a client when we are discussing your case together. You will be able to see what the dentist sees. Using the images from inside your mouth, we can advise you in a much more understandable and comprehensible manner. Finally, you can follow the different treatment steps on screen and use before/ after images to better judge the results.


    The Binocular Loupe – Precision during Diagnosis, Therapy and Check-Ups

    This versatile instrument enables precision work through intense magnification of the concerned area. It displays clearly even the finest dental structures that are hardly visible to the bare eye. The smallest details become visible. Additional light improves the working environment even further.

    When performing a root canal treatment, for example, even the smallest channel entrances can be identified. A binocular loupe also aids in the removal of caries, placement of fillings, preparation for further treatment, as well as in surgery, both in diagnosis and therapy.

    The risk of overlooking a hidden defect is minimized and chances of successful treatment are increased. The final check-up of a finished treatment can also be assisted by use of a binocular loupe.


    In modern dentistry, a high level of treatment quality is inevitably connected to enhanced magnification techniques. Apart from a binocular loupe, we therefore also work with a progressive dental microscope for optimum results.

    This highly specialized instrument magnifies the smallest of structures, such as hair-thin root channels, up to 25 times their actual size. Such greatly improved visibility combined with optimum lighting of the concerned inner mouth area allows for an improved level of treatment – and thus, better prognosis for successful treatment.

    A dental microscope also significantly improves diagnostics prior to treatment. In many cases, it prevents the smallest of medical findings from being overlooked due to the limits of the human eye.

    With the assistance of a dental microscope and the insight it offers, we can work more precisely in many treatment areas thanks to the greatly magnified display, ranging from root canal treatment to dental reconstruction to the insertion of implants. The dental microscope also assists therapy in the treatment of soft tissue.

  • DAMS

    Dental Dams – Protection for the Client, Clarity for the Dentist

    Dental dams, also known as Kofferdam in German, are part of our dental quality standard. We will use them whenever necessary. This highly flexible piece of latex serves to keep the concerned tooth absolutely dry.

    During treatments, e.g. fillings or root canal treatments, they create a saliva- and germ-free working environment, a significantly improved overview for the dentist, and protection of the client from pulmonary aspiration or accidental swallowing of bits of filling, such as amalgam, or small instruments.

    Dental dams also make keeping your mouth open for longer periods of time much easier because they protect your mouth from drying out during treatment. Dental dams are fastened to the tooth with a clamp. They also protect the soft parts of your mouth, such as your tongue, cheeks and lips.


Office Impressions


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Dental Emergency Services

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